“Proud To Be Your Partner For Life!”

Dial 911- request Amserv, LTD/Dusan for the best care & the best fleet

AmServ, LTD./DuSan Community Ambulance is a stand-alone non-affiliated ambulance service serving the Greater DuBois and surrounding areas. Operational 24 hours a day, and seven days a week; potential patrons of the ambulance service include approximately 37,000 individuals.

AmServ, LTD./DuSan is currently incorporated a a non-proofit 501 (C) 3 entity. It is goverend by a nine person all volunteer Board of Directors. The company is managed by the general Manager, Operations Manager, Secretary, and three Shift Supervisors. Additional staff maintained include 10 Paramedics and 13 Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

AmServ, LTD./DuSan is currently licensed through the Pennsylvania Department of Health to operate as an Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support ambulance service.